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EV Charging Infrastructure and Innovation Technology Transport Forum (

By February 15, 2024May 2nd, 2024No Comments3 min read


In the fast-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the key to a seamless driving experience lies in robust charging infrastructure. Keeping pace with this demand, the upcoming “EV Charging Infrastructure and Innovation: An Update for Councils” event by the Technology Transport Forum ( in Bolton on the 21st of February promises to be a crucial gathering for industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders. Reserve & Charge will be presenting our cutting-edge solution that is set to redefine EV charging reservations.

Reserve & Charge – REAL Reservations

Reserve & Charge is geared up to unveil a revolutionary system-agnostic solution for REAL Reservations at the upcoming event. What sets our innovation apart is its versatility, offering councils and Charge Point Operators the flexibility to meet the differing needs of their customers and local residents seamlessly, irrespective of their attachments to different Charge Point Operators.

Reserve & Charge’s REAL Reservations distinguish themselves from the standard Reserve NOW functionality by allowing users to book charging points up to two weeks in advance. This forward-looking approach aligns with the evolving needs of EV users, providing them with the convenience of planning their journeys and charging sessions well in advance, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

A Fully Configurable Solution:

One of the standout features of Reserve & Charge is its fully configurable solution. Councils and Charge Point Operators have the can independently decide which charging points will be supported with Reserve & Charge’s REAL Reservations function. They can determine when and at what times this functionality will be enabled, providing a customised and efficient charging experience for EV drivers.

Prioritisation for Enhanced User Experience: Reserve & Charge’s innovation goes a step further by allowing prioritisation of specific user groups on a charge point by charge point basis. This feature enables councils to enhance user experience by accommodating the diverse needs of different user groups, such as residents, commuters, or specific groups with unique charging requirements.

Find Out More:

Reserve & Charge will be presenting its cutting-edge solution and engaging with industry professionals at the EV Charging Infrastructure and Innovation event. The Technology Transport Forum ( provides a platform for Reserve & Charge to showcase our innovation and interact with stakeholders, encouraging collaboration and discussions that will shape the future of EV charging infrastructure.

The upcoming event in Bolton presents a unique opportunity for councils, Charge Point Operators, and industry enthusiasts to observe first hand, the transformative potential of REAL Reservations in optimising the EV charging experience. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of the EV Working Group Event. You can still book your place at  EV Working Group Event – Technology Transport Forum ( look forward to seeing you there.