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Evex / Parkex – CBS Arena – Coventry 22-23 May 2024

By May 2, 2024May 13th, 2024No Comments4 min read

Charging the UK’s EV Infrastructure

Evex / Parkex May 2024 will bring local authorities and National Highways together with EV infrastructure contractors and suppliers to explore how to help bring convenient, affordable, and reliable charging for EV drivers across the UK.

REAL EV Reservations

At Reserve & Charge we are ahead of the curve! Our solution already goes a long way to addressing many of the concerns up for discussion, with the ambition of creating a level playing field and positive customer experience for all EV drivers, and optimised ROI for EV infrastructure stakeholders.

Reserve & Charge is the first UK system agnostic functional platform to enable REAL advance EV Charge Point reservations on your OCPI infrastructure. We work with Charge Point Operators to bring an unrivalled customer experience to ALL EV drivers, whether they have access to private charging or rely on public charge points.

We have dedicated our research and development to address the challenges faced by EV drivers and charging infrastructure operators. Our reserved EV charging points offer a convenient, reliable, and hassle-free solution for drivers seeking access to charging facilities, while also empowering operators with advanced reservation management capabilities.

With a primary goal of enticing Electric Vehicle drivers to your EV Charge Points, Reserve & Charge serves as a catalyst for increased utilisation and seamless demand management.

REAL advance EV charge point reservations are the foundation of Reserve & Charge, providing EV drivers with the most advanced and customer-centric charging experience. By enabling reservations, waiting times and queuing are significantly reduced, while the distribution of usage across different locations and times helps to alleviate peak demand.

Integrating Reserve & Charge

Simplicity is key when it comes to EV charge point setup with Reserve & Charge. Our API can be seamlessly integrated directly with any CSMS. Reservation status is automatically communicated in line with OCPI protocols to connected EV charging apps, including eMSPs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Reservation management becomes  effortless with Reserve & Charge’s all-in-one platform. Easily optimise setup and reservation scenarios that work for you. From setting reservation fees to managing access rights. Real-time reservation status tracking allows for seamless monitoring of both current and future reservations.

Efficient EV charging space management is made possible through Reserve & Charge’s intelligent platform processing of charge point status. Our space occupancy sensor technologies ensure maximum availability for EV drivers, minimising the need for customer support and streamlining operations.

Maximising revenue is at the core of Reserve & Charge’s mission. By detecting late arrivals, early departures, and ICEing in real-time, our platform will help optimise legitimate charge point utilisation, and will continually evolve based on usage patterns to increase overall usage.

Intelligent reporting and analytics provided by Reserve & Charge offer critical insights into EV charge point demand. Identify popular locations, emerging usage patterns, and more, empowering informed decision-making and effective roll-out planning for the future.

Let’s Talk

During Evex, our team will be on hand to demonstrate the benefits of reserved EV charging points and discuss how our solutions can enhance your parking facility or charging network. Whether you’re a parking operator, EV charging provider, or sustainability enthusiast, we invite you to connect with the Reserve & Charge team to learn more about our ground breaking platform and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Discover how REAL reservations at EV charge points are transforming the way we charge our electric vehicles.

For more information about Reserve & Charge and our reserved EV charging solutions, visit our website at or contact us directly to schedule a get-together at Evex 2024.