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Advance EV charge point reservations

Reserve & Charge provides the most advanced and customer-centric EV charging experience. Prevent waiting times and queuing; reduce peaks by spreading utilisation across EV charge point locations and times.

EV charge point set up

It’s simple. We do the hard work integrating Reserve & Charge directly with your CSMS. Reservation status is automatically propagated via OCPI to connected EV charging apps including eMSPs.

Reservation management

All in one place. Optimise setup and EV reservation scenarios with ease. Set reservation fee, maximum reservation times, access rights and more. Keep track of future and past EV reservations with real-time reservation status.

EV charging space management

Minimise customer support. Reserve & Charge delivers intelligent platform processing of EV charge point status, and the use of space occupancy sensor technologies ensures availability for your EV drivers.

Optimise EV Charge Point utilisation

Maximising your revenue is our focus. Reserve & Charge will detect EV drivers arriving late, leaving early and ICEing, all in real time. Our advance reservation model is ever evolving based on usage.

Reporting & analytics

Reserve & Charge provides critical insights and reports helping you to understand EV charge point demand, identify popular locations, emerging usage patterns and more. And localised data will inform more effective roll-out planning. 

Charging Station Management Systems

Add advance reservation to your platform via our easy-to-use developer APIs. Provide a competitive feature to your customers that addresses EV driver concerns head on.

eMobility Service Providers

Reserve & Charge will help you grow your user base and increase EV app usage by providing a seamless user experience with advance reservation capabilities within your app.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Keep using their preferred apps to reserve EV charge points in advance. We ensure that charge point status and availability is always up-to-date providing EV drivers the assurance they need.

Franchising Authorities & Smart Cities

Reserve & Charge offers Transport, Local and other franchising authorities sustainability, reduced environmental impact, helping to met net-zero targets, and improves end user satisfaction.